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Unique Locations for Senior Pictures in Rochester, NY

Updated: May 4

A young high school senior girl in a green gown and a black puffy shawl smiling at the camera while leaning on the edge of the top of South Ave garage in front of the Rochester city skyline

Parents of high school seniors – as you prep for your student’s last year of high school (seriously, where did the time go?), your soon-to-be high school senior wants their pictures not to look like anyone else’s. As you’re perusing the mom’s groups on Facebook or at games to try to figure out how to plan their senior pictures, we’ve got you covered! Rochester offers a lot of places that are the PERFECT backdrop for senior pictures and we’re going to point out a few of these places and our WHYs.

South Ave Garage: Have a senior who likes to take charge? A senior who’s always formed their own path and is truly one of a kind? The roof of the South Ave Garage has an amazing view of our city and it’s great for that senior who you know is going to take the world by storm. Try to get as close to golden hour (an hour before the sunset) to get both the skyline behind them and the variety of colors that our sunsets bring. No one else’s photos are going to look ANYTHING like these.

East End - Eastman Theatre/Little Theatre: Is your high school senior artsy? Whether under the lights of Eastman Theatre or in front of the marquee of The Little Theatre, this area of our city offers a cool, classic scene that’s great for either golden hour or an evening shoot. If you opt for an evening shoot, that part of town truly comes alive. With everything lit up at night, your senior’s photos will have a timeless look while being immersed in our arts and culture scene downtown.

A young high school senior girl in a green gown and a black puffy shawl looking off camera in front the Eastman Theatre in Rochester, NY

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George Eastman Museum - Gardens: A timeless vibe surrounded by plants? Yes, please! The George Eastman Museum’s West Garden has perfectly manicured landscapes, classical architecture and a variety of plants that will make anyone feel nothing short of sophisticated.

Durand Eastman Beach: For a cool, serene location, Durand Eastman Beach offers a variety of different looks from its sandy shores to lush greenery. We highly suggest going in the morning or planning senior pictures around the golden hour to get a much wider range of colors than you would in the city that would act as your backdrop.

Broad Street Bridge: Located in the heart of the city, you’ll get a wide range of looks as part of your senior portrait experience. As with many urban settings, tall buildings, street lamps, and overlooking water ways gives you more of an edgy, but sophisticated look. We HIGHLY recommend doing a night shoot on the bridge to achieve this very look – you will thank us later.  

Incorporating these unique locations into your senior photoshoot will not only result in stunning portraits but also portraits unlike any other portraits you’ll see on Instagram, in the yearbook, or any grad cards. Whether you're drawn to urban landscapes, natural beauty, or cultural landmarks, these hidden gems offer endless possibilities for creating unforgettable senior pictures.

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