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Build Your Teen's Confidence with an Empowering Senior Session!

You want to celebrate your teen with senior pictures, but they're not a fan of photos. At Jackie Photography, we believe that every teen deserves to know how photogenic they are. We will guide you and your teen through affirmations to build confidence, posing tips, and a variety of shoot locations, wardrobe, and hair & makeup options for your senior walk with confidence long after they walk the stage.

Want to Transform How Your Teen Sees Themselves? 

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What do senior sessions with Jackie Photography look like?


So glad you asked! 

If there isn't laughing, goofing off, some form of "YEEEEEEES!" being yelled when your teen aces pose after pose, then it isn't a Jackie Photography photoshoot. 

We're here to build you and your teen up! Giving them all of the encouragement - both with photos and with where they're headed off to next - and walking YOU through the entire senior session process to get the best photos that you and your family can cherish long after they walk the stage (*cue the tears*). 

*Behind the scenes photos by Jackson Burns


What We Believe

Your senior needs to know that they are truly enough. You are proud to see who they're becoming and now that it's time to step out into undergraduate and/or professional careers, you want to see them forge their own path. 

But now they need that extra push, that confidence boost. Reassurance that they have what it takes right now...and that's where we come in. Our clients are always giving that main character energyLike all main characters, they are the star of the show, the person you root for, the one who's front and center, and the one we pay attention to when they enter a room. 

From the moment you sit down with us to the moment you're hanging a photo from our senior photo session together on the wall, we are showing your teen how to walk with confidence, boldly share their story and where they are going all while looking like a GQ/Vanity Fair model in the process.

Senior Sessions also include...

  • Style guide that includes location and wardrobe suggestions, and a list of hair stylists and makeup artists

  • Posing tips that you can carry with you to get the best photos each time

  • Consultation where we brainstorm and create a customized photoshoot fit for your teen's unique personality and style

  • Multiple outfit changes

  • Option to rent a dress/suit

  • Option to have your hair and makeup done by one of our stylists prior to your session

  • Retouching (removing blemishes and hair flyaways)

  • A gallery reveal where you can sit back, relax, grab snacks, look at all of the photos from our session together, and choose your favorites!

Session Fee: $350

Photo products start at $100

Payment Plans are available!


What People are Saying



"Jackie Photography went above and beyond. Hosted planning sessions, created a Pinterest page of inspiration for our son, and detailed our every step right down to our parking options for our locations and coached our wardrobe changes."

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"Choosing Jackie Photography for my son, Noah’s senior pictures proved to be an absolutely amazing experience. From scheduling to final product Ms. McGriff was extremely responsive, guiding us through all of our questions with patience and a genuine desire to help Noah realize his vision for his senior photos- not to mention all the support Ms. McGriff provided in helping us meet the school submission criteria and deadlines! In fact, Ms. McGriff submitted Noah’s photograph to the high school on our behalf ON TIME to ensure that his final submission met all criteria and was sized correctly without losing the integrity of the photograph! This extra service was a HUGE stress-reliever for me while also navigating many other important senior-year activities like researching, scheduling, and participating in college tours."

Schedule a chat with us about your ideal senior session or book a session today!

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