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Our Editing Process for High School Senior Pictures

Updated: May 4

A young Black high school senior girl with long black flowy hair wearing a teal flowy gown and a tiara leaning against a small wall in front of the mansion at Sonnenberg Gardens
Folks...Queen Ezri.

Capturing the essence of who your teen is before stepping into high school senior year and then into their collegiate or professional career is more than just a snapshot; it's an art form. At Jackie Photography, we love making images that are unique to the person and creating experiences that make seniors feel like the main character!

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Our senior portrait sessions are only the beginning – it’s in our editing process where senior pictures become cinematic stills. Here's a glimpse into our approach:


A Black high school senior male dressed in a black suit with a white dress shirt clasping his hands looking off to the left side of the camera with a grin on his face

Cinematic Color Correction

The trick to making a scene or shot looking cinematic? Shadows. With all films, storylines hold a lot of drama and what helps add to the intensity are the use of shadows. By artfully manipulating shadows, we infuse your portraits with depth and drama, transforming them into captivating scenes worthy of the big screen because – let’s face it – your senior, their journey, and this new chapter in their life is a very big deal.

Retouching Without Going Overboard


Every detail matters in senior portraits, including your senior’s hair. Our retouching process removes distracting flyaways, ensuring that their hair frames their face flawlessly (unless of course we want the dramatic-hair-flowing-in-the-wind-because-I’m-a-BOSS shot). To help maintain control, we also suggest bringing hairspray to your session for touch-ups.

A high school senior with dirty blonde hair blowing in the wind staring intensely at the camera
See what we mean?

Ready to book your session? Choose your package (Star, Megastar, or Icon) or a la carte items (Senior Session) HERE.



If a feature on your face isn’t permanent, we typically remove this, which includes any blemishes and acne. Our retouching technique erases imperfections without compromising your natural beauty, so we avoid removing any beauty marks, moles, or freckles unless otherwise requested.


Skin Tone and Texture 

Additionally, achieving uniformity in skin tone is essential for a polished look. We meticulously even out your skin tone, ensuring harmony between your face, arms, and hands. With subtle adjustments, we enhance your radiant complexion, creating portraits that exude confidence and grace.


Body Positivity

Lastly, we understand the importance of body positivity and never resort to shaving down any body parts in our editing process. Instead, during your session, we carefully pose you to accentuate what you feel are your best features, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera.


At Jackie Photography, we don't just capture moments, we craft cinematic and affirming portrait experiences that resonate with your soul. With our meticulous editing process, your high school senior pictures become timeless works of art, each frame telling a compelling story of who they are and who they aspire to be. Ready to book your session? Choose your package (Star, Megastar, or Icon) or a la carte items (Senior Session) HERE.


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