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About Jackie McGriff

Jackie McGriff is the owner of Jackie Photography and Co-founder, Director, and Producer of Our Voices Project. She's a full-time portrait, editorial, and event photographer as well as a documentary filmmaker whose mission is to provide a safe space and platform for teens, women, and Black, Brown, and Indigenous people to embrace their bodies, live unapologetically, and share their stories. 

You can hear Jackie talk about movies on the Our Voices Project's Representation in Cinema podcast where they take a critical look at how movies portray Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. She's also been a guest on several episodes of The Little Theatre's Movies and a Microphone podcast, WXXI's Connections with Evan Dawson podcasts, and other local podcasts, including We Need to Talk About the Oscars, a podcast dedicated to in-depth conversations about the 2023 Oscar Nominations. 


She currently resides in Rochester, NY where you can find her either listening to movie scores, hanging out with friends and family, watching documentaries, and/or catching up on TV shows and films when she's not working on a creative project.

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