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Building Your Brand Through Imagery

A makeup artist dressed in green with large curly hair holding up a mirror to show her client her face after finishing her makeup.
Destiny Gayden showing her client her face after finishing her makeup. Location: Need Salon and Spa

I was recently in a photography workshop and the instructor asked us if our clients knew what we had to offer. We all kind of sat there as she went through photos that she had of each of her products. I sat there frozen because I wasn't sure that my clients or any of my followers on social knew that I was selling more than just digital images.

Maybe you're not a photographer, but if you're selling something -- whether products or services -- do your existing (and potential) customers know all of what they will get from you? Do they know your products or all of the different services that you offer?

Doesn't matter whether you're making 1 product or 100 -- there's something for all of those who support and love your brand, so show them! Plus, it's not just what you're selling, but WHY you're selling. Sure, my clients will receive photos, but there's a variety of different reasons why they come to me (because they've told me): to boost their confidence, to show clients the boss behind the brand, to see themselves in a different light, and a bunch more reasons.

Bottom line: you're connecting to your clients with both the tangible and intangible and a great way to instantly do that is with photos (e.g., branding photos).

Here's how:

  • They put a face (and personality) with your brand. You are well suited for the business you run so you will want your personality to shine through headshot and behind the scenes photos. Depending on your field of work, people want to feel (and know) that you're great to work with!

  • They build trust with EVERY customer. Customers that have bought one of your services or products before can vouch for you whenever you share an image on social media and it potential and future customers know what to expect from you.

  • Branding images add credibility to your brand. Rather than just using stock photos -- when people see you in your marketing materials, it gives them reassurance.

  • People can see what it is you're selling. If you're selling something that people MUST have, the more likely you will stop them mid-scroll. Tiffany Nicholas (@WaffleyOriginal) had these Spider-Man (Andrew [Garfield]'s Version) stickers that she posted about and when I tell you that I've never inquired about anything faster!

  • They set the tone for people about how you do business. I can't tell you how many people enjoy seeing that I share the image in the back of my camera during sessions. It's one of the behind-the-scenes photos that I request that assistant takes for me so reassure people who aren't aware that this is the kind of service that I provide.

Now that you've read through this (and thank you for reading, by the way), do your images reflect this? If not, ask for help from a friend or schedule time for yourself to get pictures of your products and/or to get behind-the-scenes photos while you're working. If you don't have a lot of time and you're in need of professional photos, I'm offering my services from October 29 - November 5 with Winter Branding Mini Sessions! Book a session today and I will come to your place of business to get you all set up for your website and social media!

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