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4 Reasons Why You Need New Headshots

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Headshots - they're the last thing we think about before we suddenly need one. If you’re looking for a new position, starting a business, or if you’re contemplating getting new headshots, here are 4 reasons why you need them:

1. Association: Wherever you are online, people want to associate a face with your name and your brand. Your brand is simply what others get from you – whether that’s a feeling, a service, a product, or all of the above. You don’t have to own a business to have a brand. When people see your face, you want them to pair you with something that you provide for them. For instance, when people see my image, the word “photography” or “photographer” is usually somewhere nearby, so when I run into them on the street, in the back of their head, they know that I’m a photographer. (This has actually happened on more than one occasion – it’s cool every time and it means that it’s working!)

2. Approachability: Not only are people associating you with your brand, but they also want to know that you look like someone they could approach. Whether you’re a candidate for a new position or a small business owner generating leads for new clients, you want people to know that they can come to you. Your facial expressions say a lot about this. If you see a smile or laughter in a photo, how do you feel? Even if you’re not smiling in a photo, depending on the industry, there’s a world of difference in your expression between reliable and trustworthy and someone who looks angry or apathetic.

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3. You Take Yourself Seriously: Having a professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile or

your website means—to others—that you

take yourself seriously enough to have

hired someone for your headshot. Grabbing a selfie on your phone or cropping an image from a photo someone tagged you in on Facebook doesn’t speak the same volumes that a professional headshot does. It’s completely understandable if you’re short on funds to be able to purchase a headshot session, but there’s nothing wrong with saving up for such an occasion. Ask a supervisor, a friend, a colleague, or your peers about services that may be available through your current job to get one. If not, I’m always available to present you with session packages or refer you to other professionals who may fit your budget and style.

4. Active: Be honest – when’s the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? If your headshot doesn’t match what you look like now, it’s time for a new headshot. Again, it’s all about associating you with your brand and the skills you have. Having an updated headshot shows consistency, professionalism, and that you stay on top of things.

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