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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Booking a Headshot Session

When’s the last time that you had a headshot?

It’s the kind of shoot that we think about the least, but that we often need the most and as soon as possible. In my experience, it’s also the type of shoot that takes the least amount of time. (I think my shortest shoot was 5 minutes.)

However, this doesn’t mean that your headshot session will only take 5 minutes. It's all about what YOU want to get out of it.

There are many different reasons to get a headshot:

  • You’re updating your LinkedIn profile (and there’s several reasons for this other than looking for a new position)

  • You’re an actor going for auditions

  • You’re starting a business

  • The headshot that your company provided at orientation doesn’t look like you (I don’t recognize myself in my UR headshot…it’s…we don’t talk about it).

Whatever your reason, before you book a headshot session, here are 5 questions to ask yourself:

  • Why are you getting headshots done?

  • What do you want your photos to say about you?

  • How many do you need?

  • When do you need them by?

  • How do you plan to display them?

It makes both of our jobs a lot easier when planning ahead and then I (or another photographer) can take it from there.

If you know that you need headshots, but stuck on that second question, you can check out my article about reasons why you need one by visiting the link below or asking me questions in the comment section!

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