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20 Alternative Phrases To "I'm Not Photogenic"

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Headshot of a woman with dark gray hair wearing purple glasses, blue earrings and a blue blouse matching the earrings smiling into the camera against a black backdrop

If you’ve ever had your pictures taken, looked at it, and thought, “I’m not photogenic”, this list is for you. This phrase may not seem harmful to you, but the more you say this to yourself, the damage it does to your self-esteem in ways that you may not have noticed. How do you feel when you walk into a room full of strangers? Are your shoulders back and eyes looking forward or are you looking down at the ground with your shoulders hunched? Do you look right at people when you talk? Do you try to take up as little space is possible. Read this very carefully – you deserve be here. You deserve to exist, to take up space, to walk around owning your unique beauty and personality. You deserve to know how photogenic you actually are – everyone has their own unique beauty – you just need to find your angle and pose. Until you’re ready to take that next step in front of a camera, we encourage you to choose one of these 20 phrases to recite to yourself as opposed to “I’m not photogenic”. (And yes, you’re going to feel silly or “cringe” – but it’s going to be worth being able to walk around with confidence.) 1. I have a unique and beautiful face that sets me apart from everyone else.

2. My smile is infectious and brings joy to those around me.

3. My eyes are captivating and so full of life – they light up a room.

4. I have imperfect features that make me who I am and that is beautiful.

5. My natural beauty shines through in every photo no matter how I feel about it.

6. I’m a confident person whose personality shines through every picture.

7. My inner beauty radiates out and makes me a good-looking person both inside and out.

8. I am MORE than just a picture – I’m a complex and wonderful human being.

9. I am ME and that is more than enough.

10. I have a magnetic presence that draws people in.

11. My beauty is not just skin deep – it comes from the way I treat others around you.

12. I deserve to have my picture taken. 13. I AM photogenic.

14. I am loved and appreciated for who I am – not just how I look in a photo.

15. My confidence and self-assurance are incredibly attractive and inspiring.

16. My beauty is not defined by the opinions of others, but by how I see myself.

17. I’m gorgeous/handsome/a badass.

18. I’m not about society’s beauty standards, but the standards that I set for myself.

19. My beauty is not just in my appearance, but also in my kind heart, my brilliant mind, and my unique spirit.

20. I’m an incredible person who deserves photos that reflect that.

How do you feel after reading through those? Cheesy? Awkward? If it’s anything resembling that, let’s change that. Choose 1 or 2 that you can say to yourself daily and let us know in the comments which one of these hits home for you!

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