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Thank you for stopping by! This holiday season, give a gift that loved ones, friends, and colleagues will truly appreciate. Treat yourself or someone you know to a portrait session for that confidence boost, reminisce about good times with family and friends through event photography, make someone's day with a little extra cash to buy more photos from a previous session. However you choose to treat someone (or yourself), I thank you for choosing Jackie Photography to help you in this way! 


Whether you're a parent or a relative of a current senior or rising senior, give the gift of confidence, and seeing a glimpse of what they could become with imagery that tells a story.


Maybe you or your student are looking at their final year of high school. It's a time to soak up as much time that they have with friends and family they might not see for a while. Or maybe it's your teen's sweet 16 (they grow up TOO fast)! Maybe you're throwing a party for close friends and family. Whatever the occasion, give yourself or someone a chance to look back on good times with great company.


Self-Love Shoots

You deserve to love yourself, to celebrate yourself, to recognize your unique talent, beauty, and self-worth. You are allowed to appreciate yourself! Treat yourself, a friend, a co-worker, or a relative to a shoot where we celebrate YOU! (Contact me for custom pricing.)

DSC_0989 copy.jpeg

Or if you or someone you know was a recent customer and know that there were more photos they wanted out of their last session, give them the gift of more photos or photo gifts (large prints, posters, album, canvas art)!

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

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