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Done By Lex: A One Stop Shop Where Beauty Meets Confidence

Updated: Feb 7

A Black woman looking down and smiling wearing a Black t-shirt with a bright pink jacket hanging on her shoulders leaning on the door handle of her shop in Downtown Rochester, Done By Lex
Alexis McNeil, owner of Done By Lex LLC

Nestled at 471 North Street, you'll find more than just a salon. Done By Lex LLC, founded by the passionate and talented Alexis McNeil, is a one-stop haven for all of your beauty and self-care needs. From protective styles and makeup to clothes, and accessories, Done By Lex has it all. But it's more than just a place for beauty; it's a place where love, empathy, and compassion intertwine with each service.

For Alexis, Done By Lex is a safe space where clients can let their guards down and expect top-quality care. Self-care should genuinely feel like a moment of self-indulgence, and that's precisely what she strives to offer. In her salon, judgment has no place, and clients are welcomed with open arms.

Alexis has a vision for her clients. She wants them to feel like they're a part of a family – a place where it feels like that same vibe you had growing up going to the shop on Saturday morning, with people dropping in just to chat, hang out, and catch up, whether they had a hair appointment or not. This feeling of community is at the heart of Done By Lex.

Alexis McNeil wearing one of her brand shirts, "But Watch Me Get it Done"

Alexis's journey to becoming the owner of Done By Lex is a fascinating one. She started in photography and had a background in graphic design, but her passion for hair eventually led her down this path. She believes in the transformative power of a good hair day and wants her clients to walk away feeling their absolute best.

A mother kissing her adult daughter on the cheek as they both stand in front of a black wall with collages framed with a white matte
Alexis's mom (right) steals a kiss

Her story began when she was just 13, learning the ropes from her mother. Initially, she was hesitant about getting a license, but her mother's encouragement eventually led her to pursue her dream. In 2021, she decided to go full-time with her hair career, and with the help of her husband, who specializes in building websites for small businesses, she launched Done By Lex in January 2022, complete with an LLC and a website.

2 Black women smiling at the camera standing in front of a black wall with collages framed with a white matte
Alexis (left) and her mother, Sonya Bruce (right)

On top of being an entrepreneur, mother, and wife, Alexis is also a breast cancer survivor who wants to share her experience as well as those of other women who’ve gone through a similar journey to offer encouragement and build community support. In October 2023, Alexis hosted her first annual Piink On Top Gala where guests heard powerful testimonials of survivors and women who are currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. A percentage of the proceeds were donated to Touch The Black Breast Cancer Alliance and Pink Ribbon Girls.

4 Black women standing in front of a black wall with various clothes, shoes, and accessories on either side of them as they laugh together
(left to right) Maya Johnson (Braider), Alexis McNeil (Owner, Braider), Mikelle Bruce (Clothes and Accessories), and Latifah Wilson (Makeup and Lashes)

At Done By Lex, it's not just about the services; it's about the personal connection. Alexis is known for her speed and efficiency, especially with clients who have limited availability. She strives to make herself available to cater to their needs.

Protective styles like locs and braids are among the services she offers, but ultimately, she's selling more than just hairstyles. She's selling confidence, timeless moments, and the feeling of walking out of the salon knowing you look and feel your best. Her clients remember the experience at Done By Lex, not just for how they looked but for how it made them feel.

One thing is clear: Alexis genuinely loves what she does. She understands that hair is more than just hair; it's a crown, a valuable asset, and she doesn't take that responsibility lightly. Her commitment to excellence sets Done By Lex apart as a full-service provider.

Alexis doesn't just work on her clients; she works with them. She sets clear expectations and has conversations about what styles work best for their hair. Her dedication to her craft shines through in every interaction.

As she looks to the future, Alexis has big plans, including starting a hair perfume line and becoming a celebrity braider. Her passion and talent know no bounds, and she's eager to share her skills and creativity with the world.

Done By Lex is more than just a salon; it's an experience. Alexis McNeil invites you to be a part of this incredible journey. Whether you're looking for a fresh hairstyle, a confidence boost, or a moment of self-care, Done By Lex is the place to be. Join the Done By Lex family today by visiting her website, following her on social media, and booking an appointment. Your journey to beauty, confidence, and empowerment begins here.

Small black bags with "thank you!" in gold lettering with gold ribbons tied at the top
New clients get these goodie bags!

Website: Facebook: Alexis McNeil / Done By Lex LLC Instagram: Done By Lex Twitter (“X”): Done By Lex

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