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Women's hands making a toast to Galentine's Day with glasses filled with non-alcoholic rose


Spend time with friends empowering each other with a Galentine's Day Session any time of the year!

You want to do something different to build yourself up and get more comfortable taking photos and fully appreciating your body.


You want to focus on things that make you feel good about your body at this moment, you want to spend more time with friends, you want to capture more memories with great photos (and actually remember to take the photo this time when you're hanging out with loved ones), or you want to encourage a friend who needs a pick me up. If any of this sounds like you, we want to help you do this with Galentine's Day Sessions! 

Galentine's Day Sessions are a way to spend time with up to 4 of your closest friends, take photos with them, encourage them, and engage in an activity (or two) that uplifts both YOU and your friends!

*pictures featuring glasses are filled with pink lemonade



Galentine's Day is an unofficial holiday coined by one of our favorite TV characters, Leslie Knope, from Parks and Recreation. 

As defined by Leslie, it's "a day for women to celebrate their friendships with their lady friends." It falls on February 13 -- the day before Valentine's Day, hence the name Galentine's Day. Think Valentine's Day for the ladies! 

We, of course, know that as women, whenever we get together, it's always a time to encourage each other - it's what WE DO! We, of course, wanted to put our own spin on it. We know that photos can be nerve-wracking - it's a very brave thing to put yourself in front of the camera! One thing we hear a lot from our clients, and especially from women, is how self-conscious they feel in front of the camera. And this is with ALL body types too!

We want to give women an opportunity to have time together with their friends, documented through photos, and also to give each individual woman a platform to celebrate loving her body no matter her size, and the encouragement of her friends behind her. 


If you've ever had the feeling that you're not enough, not photogenic, or don't look good in pictures, these sessions are for YOU! Make the BOLD (and the 1000% accurate) statement this year that you are worthy of being photographed.

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Photo Time! 

To kick off your Galentine's Day session, come to the studio ready to have your photos taken! 

You and your friends will individually be guided through poses that best flatter your body type. (These poses are also good to use in any setting whenever someone wants to snap a photo!) We want you to not only feel good in your body, but to walk away with the knowledge how to do this long after our session together. For anyone in the group not being photographed, this is the PERFECT time to cheer on your friends (and/or loved ones)! We absolutely encourage this!  

Next, we'll take several group photos. These can be fun, silly, serious - whatever you want! 


Activity Time! 

Either before or after the photo session (your choice!), you will take a seat at the table(s) provided. At every place setting, each of you will be given 2 Galentine's Day Cards (along with a beverage and snacks while you engage in your next activity)!

Out of a bowl, you will draw the name of one of the friends present, and write an uplifting note on the back of one of the cards for that friend. (We'll have prompts to help with the writing process!) 

The second card is to write a note to yourself. If you struggle with negative thoughts about yourself, we encourage you to think of your best friend saying the same thing about themselves. If you wouldn't let them (or anyone else) say that your friend, how is it fair to say those things to yourself? This is where the idea of writing a note to yourself comes from.


Once you're done writing, you will hand off one note to the friend you chose, and you receive a note from someone else. 

Once you're done writing, you will hand off the one note  and you will also receive a note. 

Cards crafted and sold by HnHDesignShop.


The sessions are 90 minutes at our studio spent with up to 5 friends in total, celebrating each other! Jackie Photography will provide the following:

Decorations, refreshments, Galentine's Day cards (2 per guest), music, 15 edited photos, and other goodies to take home! 

$600 ($120 per person)


Want to kick it up a notch? Read about our upgrade below!



Not only will you receive more photos from our session, but you and your friends will also be receiving a signature frame with an 8x10 print!


Instead of writing a note on cards to a friend, you will be writing an encouraging note on the matte that goes in the frame for each friend. For example, if there are 5 of you, there will be 5 signature frames and you will write on 4 of them.  

Each of you will choose your favorite group photo and we will have these printed for your individual frame! We will also make arrangements to have these hand delivered to you. 


Please note that the photos do NOT need to be the same for each member of the group.

As part of this upgrade, you will still receive two Galentine's Day cards. One is for you to write to yourself and the second is for you to mail to someone outside of the friend group. Let's keep the spirit of Galentine's Day going! 

The Galentine's Day Session Deluxe Package includes everything in the Standard package PLUS Signature Frames + 15 more photos (for 30 photos total), 1 8x10 print for each guest with the option for hand delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the studio located?
Unless otherwise specified, Galentine's Day Sessions are located at 215 Tremont Street, Suite 237, Rochester, NY 14608. There's a large parking lot in the building and, at the time of your session, you will be greeted by us to take you up to the studio. There's also a ramp into the entrance and elevators available that we can direct you to should you need it. 

How long until we get the photos?

You will get proofs within 1 week from your session that you can review. You will be able to pick your favorites to share sooner after on social media. If you got the upgrade, you can expect prints sent to you 1-2 weeks after you select your favorite group photo.

I have more than 4 friends who wants to join the friend group. Can I add another person? 

Absolutely! It's $120 per additional person (or $210 if getting the signature frame upgrade). 

Can relatives who are women be a part of this?

Of course they can! 

What is the age range?​ Ages 13+!

I/We live outside of Rochester, NY, but we'd really like to be a part of this! Would you be willing to travel! I love traveling for photography! It will be at an additional cost to accommodate travel and accommodations depending on available transportation and time of day for the session. Sign up for a time to chat: 

I have a different question that's not listed here. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns. Contact us at

Ready To Book Your Session?

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Morgan Bajish

Walking into the session knowing we’d be spending the next 90 minutes celebrating each other was such a wonderful feeling. The friendship and feminine energy flowing through the space was a really beautiful experience.

DSC_0549 copy.jpeg

Tiffany Nicholas

Jackie did an amazing job of matching our energy and meeting us where we were at, but also encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones when we were in front of the camera. I loved being able to spend this time with my friends and shower them with love and compliments and I'm so grateful to Jackie for being able to capture that!

DSC_0598 copy.jpeg

Chloe Louthan-Green

What a wonderful experience devoted to celebrating the beauty of each other and our friendship! Jackie is truly an outstanding photographer and was amazing at capturing the nature of that beauty — both posed and candid — while creating a comfortable, fun, and relaxed environment. I can not recommend this enough!

Ready to book
your Galentine's Day
Session with us?

You will be directed to another page where you will go through several prompts to choose a time on a calendar. 

Don't see a time that fits on your schedule? Contact us so that we can book a time that works for you and your friends!

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