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Camera Flash Lighting Equipment

Before the Shoot

You've reached out to me. Now what?

I'll send you information & a survey for your student (or you if you're a student reading this). Your responses will help me piece together ideas for a potential shoot. 


Then, we schedule a casual chat over coffee (or tea!) in-person or via Zoom. In our initial meeting, we'll talk about school, extracurricular activities, hobbies, your future self, what drives you, and your vision for the photoshoot. 

Don't have a vision for your shoot? That's OK! I usually start getting ideas right as we're talking & then we'll exchange ideas back and forth until we have a photoshoot that's close to how you want to share your story. 


Everyone's story is unique.

I design the photoshoot in how you want to tell your story, which requires preparation (location scouting, curating wardrobe, makeup & hair, determining the appropriate time of day (this determines the tone), and props that the student (you) should bring.

Once you book with me, I immediately start preparing and you'll get a Pinterest Board for inspiration

We can have as many meetings as you need to iron out the details of the shoot. Once confirmed, I'll provide an itinerary with what to bring, location, and wardrobe and photoshoot tips. 

Camera Flash Lighting Equipment

Shoot Day!

BTS Durand Beach1.jpg

Your Modeling Debut!
(No prior experience necessary.)

We meet at the place(s) of your choice and I teach you a few poses and talk you through these to best represent your story. 


My assistant will provide additional help with carrying wardrobe, handling light equipment that helps with the tone of the story. 


How does tone fit with this? Imagine watching a movie. Look at scenes that are super dramatic. Did they have a certain color & lots of shadows - these things make audiences feel something so how you want to tell your story is going to depend on the time of day, the location, and what lighting equipment to bring. 

Depending on what package you select, we will do multiple wardrobe changes, save room during the shoot to capture moments on social media, and guide you through poses to shoot on video for a fun highlight reel that you can share after our shoot!

Photo Credit: Deborah Alvarez

Camera Flash Lighting Equipment

After Your Shoot

Gallery Preview & Final Images!

I select the best images from our shoot (usually these are photos that aren't usable or where you look uncomfortable or there's something obscuring the background), color correct them, and send you proofs to select your favorites.

Next, I retouch your favorites (removing blemishes, bags under eyes, hair flyaways). 

Getting prints? I will hand deliver these to you! 

Getting digital images? I'll send you a link to download them and a separate to view and download your highlight reel or teaser (whichever is part of your package)!

All packages also include a featured blog post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you can share your experience with family, friends, and colleagues!

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