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Camera Flash Lighting Equipment

Before the Shoot

You've reached out to me. Now what?

I'll send you information & schedule a chat over coffee (or tea!) in-person or via Zoom over what you'd like for your headshots and/or brand. 

When potential clients see your images on your website and on social media, how do you want them to feel? This is a key question to consider, especially when you want multiple photos to attach to your website. 


Everyone's brand is unique.

I design the photoshoot in how you want to sell your brand to potential clients. According to Simon Sinek, people don't buy the what but the why.


What do you want your clients to feel and say about you and your brand?

Whether you want a few headshots or you want several images to post to include on your website and share on social media, once you book with me, I immediately start preparing for our shoot together. Shortly after, you'll get a Pinterest Board from me that serves as inspiration for our shoot

Once we're agreed on the vision for your shoot, I'll provide a detailed itinerary with what to bring, location & time, suggested wardrobe and additional tips on how to best prepare for your shoot. 

Camera Flash Lighting Equipment

Shoot Day!


Day of Your Shoot

We meet at the place(s) of your choice and I walk you through a few poses that best represent how you want your clients to see you.  


I typically have an assistant standing by who will provide additional keep with carrying wardrobe and handling light equipment that helps with the tone. 

Camera Flash Lighting Equipment

After Your Shoot

Gallery Preview, Final Images & Extras!

I review the best images (usually these are photos that aren't usable or where you look uncomfortable or there's something obscuring the background). 

I edit these to match the tone that we previously discussed and lightly retouch blemishes (i.e., acne, bags under eyes, hair flyaways). This process usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on the number of images.

You will receive a link to gallery preview where you can look through the edited photos and select your favorites out of the number specified in your package. Shortly after, I'll provide another link for you to download your images and use however you'd like! 

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